Functions & Club Hire

Our club welcomes companies, businesses & individuals who wish to hire the use of our club for corporate or personal events.
We have different offerings based on what you require during your event.
Whether you have a group of 10 or 200, our club has a range of services we offer to everyone.
In order to book your function we require an Application form to be completed, You can download these forms at the bottom of this page. The application form also contains all costs involved in hiring our club.
Services we provide are listed below:

All Weather Greens

LBBC was the 1st club in Wellington to convert our natural grass green to carpet using Tiger Turf's Greenweave carpet surface. An all-weather surface with quick drying capabilities our green is available to play on all-year round.
We can have up to 90 players at any one time on the greens (limit due to available sets of bowls).
We provide the bowls and the helpers who can get you started with bowling.

Please Note that flat sole shoes or bare feet are required on the green.

Indoor Activities

Should your function prefer to remain inside (or the unfortunate weather gods kick in) we have indoor activities available for your use.
These include:

* 2x Large Pool Tables,
* 2x Dart Boards,
* 2x Indoor Bowling Mats

The pool and dart boards are contained within 1 room while the indoor bowls is played in our dining area.
This still leaves the lounge area free for mixing with loads of seats & tables.

Catering Facilities

We know every function is different so instead of offering catering we provide the facilities and let you arrange your own catering. Whether you order in pizza's or decide to provide your own food we have a great size commercial kitchen that contains:

* Large Oven & Stove,
* Deep Fryer (2 Bay),
* Commercial grade sink,
* Commercial dishwasher,
and plenty of bench space.
Should you prefer the kiwi summer BBQ we have a 4 burner BBQ available for your use.

Our dining area comes with long serving tables and plenty of seating room, the main bar area also has round tables and plenty of chairs.
While we have cutlery, plates etc most function decide to bring their own plastic plates, cutlery etc, We provide large rubbish bags for all those throw away items as well as large rubbish bins for the bags (so you don't have to worry about carting the rubbish away).

Bar Facilities

Unlike some bars & taverns we do not charge the earth for drinks. We are a Lion Breweries club so our drinks range is based on Lion products.
We have a good range of beer, wine, spirits & non alcoholic drinks in a range of sizes.
Our current product range includes:

* Beer - Lion, Speights, Macs, Corona, Steinlager, Stella
* Wine - Five Flax, Saints, Cider
* Spirits - Bacardi, Bourbon, Gin, Rum, Southern Comfort, Vodka, Whiskey
* Non Alc - Coke, Lemonade, Soda & Tonic Water, Ginger Beer, Lemon Lime & Bitters
Please Note some items are changed from time to time.

Our club accepts cash & EFT-POS (but no credit cards), we can setup a bar tab but require this to be paid on or before your function start date. We provide friendly bar staff throughout your function. As part of our bar license No alcohol of soft drinks are to be brought onto the premesis. All drinks must be purchased from the club.

Music & Visual

We understand music can be a great part of any function. We have a stereo system setup that includes a DVD player connected to the main large screen TV in the bar area. We also have an iPod connected that has plenty of category based genres. Our stereo has speakers connected in the main bar area as well as the games room.
If you prefer your own music feel free to connect your iPod or smartphone to our system.

As we are in a residential area we monitor the noise level during evenings, we may require any music to be turned down as the night progresses.
Our games room also has large screen TV's installed, both TV's have Sky decoders attached.

Application Forms

Download our Function Hire Application Form - Click Here